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The Virtus Apprenticeship

Where we let you experience working life in the best way possible.
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Learn from the best in the industry

Want to have a better chance at success? Learn from established entrepreneurs and top financial practitioners.


This internship will not only educate you on the finance industry, but also connect you with stellar entrepreneurs who could become your first career mentors! You’ll get the in-depth coaching you need for growth and self-development—and get no end of opportunities for your own financial success too!

The Basics


Who’s the internship with?

With Virtus Associates, a top agency with AIA that has a track record of helping agents achieve 6-figure salaries within a year.


How long is
the programme?

The full-time internship starts in May and lasts 10 weeks this summer.


Who’s suitable for
the internship?

Everyone who’s at least 21 years old, an undergrad or fresh grad, and is enthusiastic to get a head start on his or her career!

“Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.”
- Helen Keller

At Virtus Associates, we value teamwork. In fact, you can choose to apply for this internship in teams of 4-5, so don’t hesitate to get your friends together for your application!


What you’ll get from the programme

Professional Guidance
in Finance

Our educational programme is designed to help you build the financial literacy you need to succeed. Throughout the internship, a mentor will guide you as you learn more about the industry.

Official Finance

Official certification can further strengthen your career prospects. That’s why we’re providing you the opportunity to sit for the M5, M9A, HI papers and more during your internship.

Endless Earning

You’ll also get critical insight from top earners in financial advisory so you can follow in their footsteps! You’ll also be given the tools and knowledge you need to maximise your own earning potential in years to come.

An Established Professional Network

You’ll be connected with top financial practitioners, established entrepreneurs, and like-minded individuals across the industry.

Rewards for Outstanding Performance

We believe that hard work deserves to be rewarded. That’s why we’ve prepared a grand prize for the top performing intern (or team of interns!) – only to be disclosed when you’re shortlisted for an interview!

What do FSCs who’ve joined Virtus Associates have to say?

"Being in VA makes me feel very warm and welcomed. I’ve never regretted joining VA as everyone treats each other like family, and helps each other out whenever needed. It is a one of a kind culture you can never find elsewhere, a place where one can have fun and earn money at the same time!


Guidance from the seniors is also very strong and everyone is patient in helping me out whenever needed. 


Most importantly, the right and ethical things are being taught here, allowing me to grow to be a better person as well. It’s definitely not easy to be working and studying simultaneously, but the culture and good company in VA makes it easier! "


Xavier Oh

4th Year FSC with Virtus Associates

Currently a student in SUSS

Apply for our internship

If you think you’re right to join our internship, apply now!

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