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Who are we?

Virtus Associates is a group of financial services consultants with one core goal: to make a meaningful difference in people's lives.


Our Story

Our founder, Trent Ng, originally set out on his journey to financial advisory alone. As time passed, he met more and more people who saw the value that services like his could offer others. 


Soon he was recruiting like-minded individuals to join him in providing quality and impartial financial solutions and advice on financial planning and business longevity. 


Virtus Associates was born from their coalition.  

Our group was formed with a vision shared by all members: to be recognised as the leading financial planning organisations in Asia.

That means becoming the financial advisory group that has the strongest team, the best brand, and a reputation for unparalleled quality in the industry. 


We constantly strive to achieve those goals by being forward in technology and cultivating harmony among our members as well as with clients. We always aim to stay on top of changes in the industry, allowing us to give our clients the best recommendations and value possible.


Today, we also help groom the next generation of financial services consultants in the country. We’re dedicated to ensuring more qualified financial services consultants serve the market and keep standards high so clients always get the top-notch services they deserve.




At Virtus Academy, we believe that everyone should get a chance to pursue the career that they deserve. 


A career where hard work equates to results. Where success doesn’t depend on how many years of working experience you have, but on how much effort you’re willing to put into building your career.


This ethos continues to inform our business practices. We strive to make sure that people can maximise their potential - whether they’re our clients or associates.

We develop talented young individuals with the hunger for success and excellence.

Virtus Associates is committed to providing opportunities for those with the drive and talent for success. We equip consultants with the skills and knowledge they need to prosper in financial advisory services.


Every VA member has achieved CFP (certified financial planner) status within 2 years of starting our training. This is above and beyond the results of most training programmes in the market. 


Even now, we continue to update and improve that programme to better prepare future financial services consultants. In so doing, we contribute to the quality of financial advisory services in the region.

We develop a long-term perspective for financial & career goals for all FSCs.

We navigate financial futures with a view to planning for stability in the long run. Our goal isn’t to get quick-but-transient results: it’s for true security and success that lasts.

We provide a custom solution for each client based on an in-depth needs analysis.

We put our clients’ welfare first, which is why we study every aspect of their financial situation before making recommendations. We believe in fair dealing, solution relevance, and transparency in all of our financial advisory services.


Do you share our vision?

If our philosophy resonates with you, you may be a good fit for our team. By joining the Virtus Associates, you’ll have a chance to build the career you’ve always wanted while helping others. 


Reach out to us if you want to join our ranks.


Let's Connect

We're happy to help with any questions you may have - contact us and we'll be in touch!

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