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Hi! I'm 

Charles Ting!

Financial Services Director
12 years of experience with VA
MDRT Mentor

With more than a decade experience with planning more than 500 successful clients. My expertise will elevate your perspective on achieving your financial goals.

What I’m passionate about

As a seasoned Financial Services Director, I bring extensive expertise in steering strategic financial initiatives to optimize organizational performance. With a proven track record of successful leadership, I have effectively managed diverse teams and implemented robust financial strategies. My proficiency spans budgeting, forecasting, risk management, and regulatory compliance. I am dedicated to fostering financial growth and ensuring operational efficiency. Through my analytical acumen and forward-thinking approach, I consistently drive impactful results in dynamic financial landscapes. Committed to excellence, I leverage my comprehensive skill set to navigate complexities and contribute to the overall success of the organizations I serve.


Holistic financial planning in stages of life



I’d love to help you with your journey in financial planning

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