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Hi! I'm 

Derrick Chiam!

Financial/Insurance Agent or Consultant
Less than 1 year of experience with VA

As a passionate insurance agent and financial services consultant based in Singapore, I bring an enthusiastic approach to the dynamic world of investments.With nearly a year of experience, my dedication lies in helping individuals navigate the intricate landscape of financial planning. My commitment extends beyond just providing insurance solutions; I thrive on empowering clients to make informed investment decisions that align with their long-term goals.


Driven by a fervor for understanding market trends and investment strategies, I strive to offer tailored advice that suits diverse financial profiles. My focus rests on cultivating strong client relationships built on trust, transparency, and a comprehensive understanding of their aspirations. With a keen eye on emerging opportunities in the investment sphere, I aim to equip clients with the knowledge and strategies needed to secure their financial futures.

What I’m passionate about

A young enthusiastic young man who loves to help my clients to invest and reaching financial freedom and having the ideal lifestyle in their near future. Planning for retirement and preserving legacies for my clients while also protecting individuals/family financially and shaping better lives for them with a full holistic planning.

retirement planning.png

Wealth & Retirement Planning

health n protection planning.png

Holistic Health & Protection Planning


I’d love to help you with your journey in financial planning

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