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Ensuring my clients comprehend the intricacies in straightforward terms.

Edrick, a devoted professional, distinguishes himself through unwavering loyalty, unyielding integrity, and a resolute commitment to championing his clients' interests. Known for prioritizing mission over commission, Edrick firmly believes that genuine success is achieved by empowering others. Each commitment made by Edrick is a solemn pledge, recognizing the profound impact of meticulous financial planning on realizing an ideal lifestyle. With a sincere dedication to mission-driven practices, Edrick guides his clients through the financial landscape, ensuring not only the attainment of their goals but their surpassing. Together, Edrick and his clients embark on a journey of trust, fueled by the belief that financial success is attainable for everyone committed to thoughtful planning and steadfast determination.

Hi, I’m

Edrick Harsono!


What I’m passionate about

Edrick is a dedicated professional with a passion for assisting clients in realizing their dream retirement lifestyle. His focus lies in simplifying insurance concepts, ensuring that his clients comprehend the intricacies in straightforward terms. Through personalized guidance, he aims to empower individuals to secure their financial future and embark on the journey towards a fulfilling retirement.

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Wealth & Retirement Planning

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Holistic Health & Protection Planning


My achievements and accolades

Financial Services Consultant

1 year of experience with VA


I’d love to help you with your journey in financial planning

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