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Jing Ying

Financial Service Advisor
3 years of experience
Top 3 New FSC in AIA
1x MDC Gold
1x MDRT Qualifier
Super star


With a diverse professional background, I have amassed over 13 years of dedicated experience in the nursing industry, undertaking key roles that have enriched my skills and knowledge. Currently, my focus has shifted to a specialized niche in protection planning, where I channel my expertise toward fostering wealth for individuals and families. This transition from nursing to financial planning has been marked by notable achievements in the realm of protection planning. My educational foundation in nursing underpins my multifaceted expertise.

Areas of specialty

Looking ahead, my aspirations are directed towards continual growth and success within the dynamic landscape of the financial industry. Beyond my professional pursuits, I find balance by engaging in personal interests and cherishing moments with my family. Positioned as a dynamic professional, I navigate the intersections of healthcare and finance, embracing continuous growth and evolution in both realms.

legacy planning.png

Legacy Planning

retirement planning.png

Wealth & Retirement Planning

health n protection planning.png

Health & Protection Planning

corporate solutions.png

Corporate Solutions & Employee's Benefits


I’d love to help you with your journey in financial planning

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