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Hi! I'm 

Junice Chong!

Financial Services Manager
7 years of experience with VA
3x COT

With an impressive seven-year tenure at AIA, Junice has established herself as a specialist in holistic financial planning. Her approach goes beyond mere transactions, focusing on creating comprehensive strategies that address the unique needs of her clients. Junice is more than a financial advisor; she is a dedicated partner committed to the financial well-being of her clients, marked by a passion for building customized passive income streams. Recognized for her commitment to exceptional after-sales service, Junice operates with sincerity, a proactive mindset, and a willingness to go the extra mile. Her genuine passion for her clients' success is evident in the meticulous annual reviews she provides, ensuring clients stay informed about market changes and product advancements.


Junice's dedication has earned her the highest accolades at AIA for six consecutive years. She take pride in working primarily through referrals, a testament to the value she place on service and the establishment of enduring business relationships. Going the extra mile is not just a commitment but a guiding principle in her work, reflecting her belief that every client deserves not only financial prosperity but also a journey marked by trust, reliability, and unparalleled service.

What I’m passionate about

Junice specializes in holistic financial planning, tailoring strategies to seamlessly adapt to clients' diverse life stages. Her expertise extends to crafting personalized solutions aimed at building passive retirement lifestyles, ensuring financial independence for single ladies, and unlocking 'dead assets' to create lasting wealth.


Junice's proficiency lies in navigating clients through various life milestones, offering comprehensive financial planning that aligns with individual goals and aspirations. She excels in strategically creating passive income streams, optimizing financial portfolios for retirement, and empowering single women to achieve financial autonomy.


A trailblazer in unlocking hidden potential within financial portfolios, Junice is committed to fostering longevity wealth for her clients. Her dedication to these specialized services has earned her recognition, making her a trusted expert in the field. Junice's approach is characterized by innovation, adaptability, and a genuine commitment to ensuring her clients thrive financially throughout their life journeys

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Wealth & Retirement Planning

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Holistic Health & Protection Planning

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The Independent Female Financial Planning

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Family Financial Planning

Hear from my clients

Junice has been my financial consultant since 2017. She is very passionate and takes pride in her work. She listens patiently before recommending the right products based on my needs.


As a certified financial consultant, she has an extensive knowledge and advice on insurance, investment, wealth and protection. Making sure I fully understand the products I’m buying and that I’m properly covered for health insurance. Definitely no hard selling. 100% genuine and transparent in answering any questions or doubts you have.


Definitely recommend Junice! If you are keen to know more, just reach out to her!



I’d love to help you with your journey in financial planning

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