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Our Sales Planning Tools

Architect hold plans

We don't just equip our team with the technical knowhow to succeed. Every financial services consultant in our team is also given access to our proprietary planning tool that they can use for both their professional and personal needs.

Developed in partnership with Financial Fortress, the Fortress Technologies Sales Builder is a proven management operation tool for financial services consultants. 


It helps our associates pace, plan, and track their strategies for the best results. With it, they can provide the support and consistency necessary to scale their teams successfully and keep hitting key performance indicators.

The app can serve as a profiling tool where financial services consultants keep data for ranking and coaching purposes. Notifications and analytics provide quick clarity when needed, while user-friendly accessibility make data input easy even when on the go.

With this tool, even newly promoted managers can identify the gaps in any given consultant’s skillset or financial knowledge. That makes it possible to provide the right training to the right people at the right time.


Learn more about how our Sales Builder can help you need to take charge of your financial services consultancy now.



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