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We call our services “The Life Project”. That’s because we believe that financial planning and achieving financial goals is a lifelong journey -- one that our services can ease for our clients.

Our clients have many life goals that require financial solutions and planning. Whether their aim is to secure their children’s future or scale their businesses, we partner with them to supply the support they need to achieve these key goals.


Through it all, we stick to our chief target: to help them with financial planning so they can enjoy better lives and attain financial freedom.




Our corporate services run from business continuity planning to employee benefit insurance. No matter which service a business requires of us, we put its interests as an organisation first in our planning and recommendations.

For instance, many corporate clients initially feel that employee benefit insurance is just another unnecessary expense. They may even try to look for a broker to compare amongst companies and choose the plan with the lowest premium.


However, understanding employee benefit insurance could help solve one of the most pervasive and costly corporate problems: talent retention.

That’s something VA’s team of handpicked consultants consider when serving corporate clients. That’s why they may not recommend the cheapest plan for such situations but always propose the most valuable solutions. 


That’s because we aim for the solutions that will benefit your business most in the long run. If good employee benefit insurance will help you cut the costs of talent loss at your business, we’ll have saved you more money overall than with a substandard, cheap plan.

Business Continuity Planning

Our business continuity planning services are invaluable to business owners. Through them, we prepare prevention & recovery systems that will help a business weather some of  the worst possible financial challenges.


Individual Services

In VA, we focus on individuals who want to be successful in their “Life Project”. These are people who work hard & want to be financially independent one day.


Our services at VA are designed to help them hit that target. We do it by accompanying them on their journey, keeping them on course, and providing the planning they need to go through the different stages of their progress.


Via our proven and carefully-designed 4-module process, we have helped countless clients achieve financial independence.

Personal Wealth Advisory & Planning

Whether it’s to start an investment portfolio, plan for a big future purchase, or something else, our personal wealth advisory and planning services can help you manage your finances. 

Risk Management

Our risk management services help clients to protect themselves and their families from various emergencies and difficulties. By minimising risks and maximising protection, we can help clients prepare for the many uncertainties of life.

(High Net Worth)

Wealth Planning

Those interested in increasing their already-high net worth can do so through our wealth planning services. We build on clients’ wealth with smart savings and investments under managed risk.

Estate Planning

Many of our clients are concerned about what happens to their loved ones after their time has passed. Our estate planners can help them provide for their dependents wisely.

To learn more about our services for both individuals and corporate clients, reach out to us today.


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