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Tan Boon Hong

Financial Services Manager

11 years of experience

5x MDRT Qualifier


Navigating the vibrant world of finance with both a meticulous mind and a penchant for joy, I’m recognized in the Singaporean financial sector as a manager with a hearty blend of warmth and competence. In the 11 years of deep-diving into the industry, my career has evolved from forging initial connections in the cold market to constructing a resilient ecosystem of business networking and referrals. I lead a crew of advisors who wield compassion as their prime asset, and together, we don't just manage wealth; we make the numbers dance to a tune of trust and genuine advocacy.


In an age where insurtech and disruptions are viewed with apprehension, I seize them as dawn’s first light—a sunrise industry reimagining its day. A firm believer in the enduring power of financial planning, I champion the evolution of our craft with ceaseless upskilling, ensuring we’re not just adapting but are steps ahead in the dance of innovation. Recruiting isn't just about adding numbers to our ranks; it’s about curating a future-proof squadron equipped to meet the tomorrow's market with foresight, agility, and a smile that outshines uncertainty.

Areas of specialty

I’m dedicated to demystifying the intricate world of financial planning, translating complexity into clarity for my clients. My passion lies in empowering them with comprehensive, holistic insights—making the intangible tangible, fostering trust, and driving informed action. Through tailored advisement, I ensure they save time otherwise spent on daunting research and money by avoiding costly pitfalls. It's about striking the perfect balance in coverage, cost, and continuity for their enduring financial well-being.

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Legacy planning

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Wealth & Retirement Planning

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Health & Protection Planning


I’d love to help you with your journey in financial planning

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