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Take the first step to a healthier life at the
2024 VA Fit Fiesta


This March, we’re doing all we can to help Singaporeans lead healthier, longer, and better lives. By making it easier to do so through more accessible diets, medical services, regular check-ups, and exercise, we’ll help you improve your health while providing an experience as informative as it is unforgettable!

You can also sign up for a free health checkup with our partner clinics at the event.

Event highlights you can look forward to

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Complimentary health check-ups

The first 150 people to sign up get a health check-up for free with our carefully selected partner clinic!


Sharing sessions by 15 top doctors and specialists

We’ve invited 15 of the top M.Ds and Specialists in different fields to share their most important health tips for guests.


Exclusive booths by wellness partners

Get all you need to pursue your wellness goals with our partnered gyms, F&B, and exercise gear providers at special prices and discounts.

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Health challenges with incredible prizes

Take on games and challenges organised by our fitness provider partners and get a chance to win attractive prizes!

Free goodie bags for all registrants

Drop by our event and receive a goodie bag filled with various freebies, merchandise, discount vouchers that you can use with health and wellness partners!

Image by Annie Spratt

Event details and schedule

16th March 2024


6 Woodlands Square

Level 10
Woods Square Tower 2
Singapore 737737

9am - 10.30am

Health Check-ups

10.30am - 5pm

Fit Fiesta

Health talks you can attend at the event

We’ve invited top doctors and specialists from our healthcare partner, Ascle Healthcare Group, to share their tips and valuable insights on a range of key topics. You’re welcome to join in on any of these talks at the event!

Women’s Power:
Stamping Out of Cancers

Women have taken on multiple roles to adapt to changes in society today. As a daughter, a mother, and a daughter-in-law, they continue meeting household and family responsibilities while at the same time working and trying to maintain personal interests. As demands increase to fulfill these roles, their health might potentially be neglected or overlooked. Studies have shown that uterine fibroids, cervical and ovarian cancers are most commonly found in women and how do we take preventive actions against them? Join us as we learn from our expert on these women's diseases and how women step up to their women's power to stamp out of these diseases!

Change in Bowel Habits:
Is it a red flag?

Bowel habits vary from person to person and may change with age and diet. Changes are often seen as harmless. With that said, are all altered bowel habits harmless or is it trying to tell us something about our underlying health conditions? Let’s join us to understand the changes and telltale signs of our bowel health.

Surviving the Unseen Enemy: Outsmarting Cancer

Does pain in the belly mean stomachache? It often could hint something is wrong in the intestines. Do take your gut feeling for real because colorectal cancer is the top cancer in males and the second most common in females in Singapore. Despite this, colorectal cancer is a very preventable cancer. The recent passing of Mr Chadwick Boseman at age 43 has brought attention to the occurrence of colorectal cancer in younger people. Join us as we learn how to protect our guts and how colorectal can be prevented.

Image by Jonathan Borba

Finding out what people can do to live Healthier, Longer, Better Lives

At Virtus Associates, an authorised representative of AIA Pte Ltd, we are committed to helping people live healthier, longer and better lives. The entire team at Virtus Associates has come together to organise a free health and wellness fiesta to provide a fun and educational experience for all ages. Sign up now!

Join us at our VA Fit Fiesta – register now

Sign up now to be part of our event this March, and let us know if you would like a complimentary health check-up as well! One of our Virtus Associates team will reach out to you upon confirmation.

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