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Meaningful work.
Abundant joy.
And never-ending success.


Who are we?

Virtus Associates is a group of financial services consultants with one core goal: to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. 


And if you let us, we’ll make a difference in yours too.


Our financial services consultants can guide you through key life decisions, from building up your investment portfolio to preparing for the cost of your children’s education.


We’ve helped many clients with insurance selection, retirement planning, estate planning, and more. We help clients of all ages by providing them with impartial financial advice and solutions that are relevant to their life stages and direct matches for their personal goals.


Our Training


We offer a proven training programme for those who are hungry for financial success and want to learn how to achieve it. 


Our programme takes each Virtus Associate through 365 days of systematic and practical financial training.


You’ll be shown the ins and outs of financial planning, wealth management, and more. You’ll also be given the resources necessary for CFP (Certified Financial Planner) qualification.


With this training, you’ll be able to make the most of your career while helping clients with their own wealth and financial planning.

Careers with Virtus Associates

Are you driven and hungry for success but not getting the rewards you deserve in your current job?


Virtus Associates offers you a chance to carve out your own path to professional success by providing you with the right training, mentorship and tools for a more vibrant career. 


Take your first step in building a meaningful and dynamic career with us today.


Our Services

Virtus Associates offers a myriad of services to help you plan your financial future.


For instance, we provide personal wealth advisory services to those seeking financial advice on everything from their first house purchase to retirement. 


We also do risk management, business continuity planning, wealth planning, and more. 


In other words, we can supply all the financial planning you need to live a stable and satisfying life. Let us speed you along the path to your financial goals today.

Why Virtus Associates?

We focus on foundations to achieve business longevity.

Trademark planning formula


Our own proprietary sales platform

Established lead generation system

Progressive and systematic approach to personal growth




Sally Wong

“I am very, very glad to have had a mentor like Charles who never gave up on me when I had yet to be at my best during the first 2 years of my career. I fully trusted him to bring out the best in me, to help me to turn my dreams into reality. All this wouldn’t have been achievable without his constant guidance and patience.”


Let's Connect

We're happy to help with any questions you may have - contact us and we'll be in touch!

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